IRS Tax Problem Resolution Services

Facing a tax problem with the IRS may seem overwhelming but
Infinity Tax Solutions will make finding a fair resolution as easy as possible.

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    Infinity Tax Solutions

    IRS Audit Assistance

    Just because you’ve been diligent and honest in your tax filings doesn’t mean the IRS won’t uncover an unexpected issue when conducting a tax audit. Enlist the support of a tax accountant like Infinity Tax Solutions to guide you through the process.

    IRS Liens and Levies

    If you fail to pay your back taxes the IRS may put a lien on your assets or seize your property in order to collect their money. To release a lien, you need to pay your tax debt in full, but the IRS is usually willing to negotiate a reasonable payment plan to pay off the debt over time. We’ll mediate between you and the IRS to put this plan in place.

    Wage Garnishment

    The IRS can issue a wage garnishment and take a portion of your weekly paycheck to apply towards your tax debt. We’ll end wage garnishment as soon as possible by arranging for a payment plan or another form of tax relief with the IRS.

    Offer in Compromise

    If you feel you shouldn’t be liable for the assessed amount of a tax bill or if financial troubles are preventing you from paying off your tax debt, an offer in compromise might be the right solution. We can determine if you qualify and organize the documentation required to make your submission to the IRS.

    Installment Agreement

    If you’re up to date on your tax returns but don’t have the funds to pay off an outstanding tax bill, an installment agreement can allow you to pay off the balance of your tax debt gradually. We can arrange an installment agreement for you and file the necessary paperwork with the IRS.

    Penalty Abatement

    If you are willing and able to pay the back taxes owed but feel the penalties and interest charges tacked on by the IRS are unjust, we may be able to arrange for penalty abatement and have these fees waived. This arrangement requires that you pay the full base taxes owed.

    Infinity Tax Solutions

    Meet Your CPA firm

    Infinity Tax Solutions is dedicated to providing accounting, bookkeeping and tax solutions that fit the needs of small businesses and individuals. As a Northwest Chicago Suburbs, IL CPA firm our office is conveniently located in Schaumburg and we offer personal service at competitive rates. Whether you’re starting a new business, running an established business or just need annual income tax preparation, we’re here to help.

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